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Oral Health is more than a Procedure

At Kellogg & Latz Dentistry we strive to develop healthy relationships with our clients and provide our patients with the care and resources you need to a healthy smile. All of our staff members live off the core belief that you are more than a procedure and we listen carefully to your concerns in an attempts to address your needs during each visit to provide you with the healthiest smile possible.

The Pankey Institute’s Proven Method of Care

For more than four decades the Pankey Institute has been at the forefront of dentistry, changing the lives of dentists, technicians, team members and patients through comprehensive advanced education and friendly community. The Mission of the Foundation is to improve the health and well-being of the world’s citizens by helping dentists achieve professional excellence and fulfillment. Through continuing educational courses our Pankey-trained doctors will discuss treatment options, answer questions fully and counsel you on making appropriate choices. Optimal care means bringing you a level of health, comfort and appearance you may never have experienced before and overall leaving you with a healthy, happy smile.

Our Services

Our care for you is not based on procedures alone. We consider the overall plan for a lifetime of good oral health. It is our goal that you will be empowered to make appropriate plans and decisions regarding the process of your own care. As a team, we will support you throughout each and every step of the process.







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