Dr. Latz

Dr. David Latz is a native to Michigan. He grew up on a farm 5 miles outside of Elsie. After attending the University of Michigan Flint for his undergraduate studies and completing Dental School at the University of Ann Arbor in 1975, he started his practice in Jackson and has been here ever since.

While Dr. Latz was in dental school his father had his teeth removed. After graduating, Dr. Latz discovered that it would have been possible to have saved his father’s teeth. That was pivotal in developing a philosophy of helping people maintain their teeth for a lifetime. Dr. Latz was able to restore his mother’s teeth and maintained them for the rest of her life after restoring her mouth in 1977.

Because of his early experience in his family’s dental health, he studied at the L.D. Pankey Institute where he refined his ability to help people. After attending all their courses, Dr. Latz was asked to become a visiting faculty member and remains as such to this day. He also leads dental study clubs across North America that focus on the teachings of the Pankey Institute (occlusion, restorative and maintenance of of a person’s dental and physical health).

Dr. Latz lives on 100 acres near Tompkins Center with his wife, Virginia. He has 2 grown daughters and 2 grandchildren. His spare time is spent outside biking, skiing, hunting with his English Setter, and driving his John Deere tractor. Inside he enjoys woodworking and reading by a warm fire.