Jeanne DJeanne D

Only you can make getting a crown prep a nice experience! It's the small things that count: nice conversation throughout the visit, providing a soft squishy pillow for my neck/head, not feeling the needle (most important!), often putting chap stick on my lips, always informing me what you are doing and explaining why, checking to see if I was doing okay and/or need a bathroom break, sitting me upright in the chair after the impression mold was put into my mouth, and providing a moist cloth (not towelette) and a mirror for me to wipe off any remnants from my face. Watching Allie and Dr. Kellogg work together and coordinate next steps reflected great quality care. I am very impressed - thank you!


I am very thankful to Dr. Latz and his staff. My teeth and gums were in poor condition when I first made an appointment. Previous experiences with dentists caused so much anxiety that I put off regular dental visits unless necessary. A coworker recommended Dr. Latz. He was positive, encouraging and gentle. I no longer experience anxiety and have become pro-active in my oral health. Thank you Dr. Latz and your caring staff for giving me confidence to smile. I would recommend Dr. Latz to anyone looking for a dentist.


I wish to express my extreme gratitude to Dr. Kellogg for my recent dental experience. Dr. Kellogg has not only reinvented my smile, she has enhanced my self-esteem and confidence to a level I thought to be unobtainable. My entire life I have been plagued by missing, chipped teeth that had left me extremely self-conscious of my smile. Not only were my teeth aesthetically bad but I could not properly chew my food which resulted in digestive problems and many of my favorite treats were impossible to eat. I would grind my teeth so badly at night that some of my teeth were more like painful fangs that would literally stab my tongue. I endured this for years and accepted this as a cross I would have to bear. Then my brother, who has had extensive cosmetic dental work done, recommended Dr. Kellogg and assured me she could give me the smile I always wanted. I was skeptical because I did not want dentures that could possibly wiggle and fall out. Luckily I followed his advice and made an appointment with Dr. Kellogg. This has proved to be the smartest move of my life. Today at age 64 I have a beautiful smile I love to show off. Dr. Kellogg made this possible without dentures, a feat I would have thought impossible. Her professionalism and expertise not only insured my beautiful smile was just what I wanted, but she was most emphatic that my bite and jaw lined up perfectly. Dr. Kellogg has literally changed my life. When she handed me the mirror so I could see my new smile for the first time my eyes filled with tears of happiness. When she first started working on my teeth she showed me a model of a beautiful smile and told me that this is what the finished product would look like. At the time I thought the possibility of my teeth looking that great was a dream and I was afraid to get my hopes up. I’m here to tell you, Dr. Kellogg makes dreams come true! Thank you Dr. Sara Kellogg, THANK YOU!

Pat K.Pat K.

I met Dr. Sara Kellogg several years ago by chance and I have been thankful ever since. I call Dr. Sara my miracle worker as she is such a blessing in my life. The first miracle she performed was to eliminate all of the pain and crackling noises in my jaw. I had been to several dentists over the years, but no one was able to accomplish this feat even with a previous bite splint. It had been such a part of my life for so long, I didn’t know that elimination of the pain was even an option. There have been a number of improvements Dr. Sara has made to my teeth over the years, but recently, she made a new bridge that looks and feels so real that even I have a hard time remembering where it is located. Most recently, Dr. Sara changed my appearance significantly by removing and repairing 40 year old dentistry on my two front teeth. She has a gentle touch and has repaired and reinforced the teeth and I no longer have the tattoo on my gums. Dr. Sara is always so warm and welcoming when I see her. She smiles, not only with her mouth but with her eyes. There is genuine happiness and caring. Dr. Sara leads by example as everyone in her office emulates her positive attitude and the warm welcoming feeling when patients walk into the office. Dr. Sara is a perfectionist and will not stop until everything is just right, even when it means staying late into the evening. She is also very patient and does not get frustrated when my jaw and teeth don’t know where they belong. Dr. Sara is a wonderful Dentist and beautiful person both inside and out. She is the personification of the importance of the relationship in dentistry.


I can’t tell you how grateful I am for the New crown. The process was nearly pain free and I love the look of it. Thank you again!


Very pleasurable experience, great staff. I look forward to my dental appointments. Everyone is friendly and meticulous.


Children are so sensing and cannot be fooled; Dr Sara immediately established a strong bond of trust with my son, Eric, and this is why I drive 45+ miles for her dentistry. Eric has special needs and no other dentist has been able to accomplish the thorough cleanings that she has done on his teeth. Dr Sara’s passion for her work, combined with her love of all kids, has taken away the dread of going to the dentist for our family. Usually I never leave Eric’s side during medical appointments, but I now sit in the lobby and surf my phone while his teeth are being cleaned. We are so grateful for Dr Sara!


After a lifetime of pain and unpleasant dental experiences, I was blessed to have Dr. Kellogg come into my life. I had always assumed my smile was as good as it was ever going to get. Boy was I wrong! She took a series of mismatched crowns and unhealthy teeth and made them beautiful and healthy. I keep a picture of my old smile in my bite splint case to remind me how much better things are. Dr. Kellogg is kind and generous and makes you feel at ease. She truly cares about her patients and their needs. I sing her praises whenever I can and am so grateful she is my dentist.


I am at a loss of words, and emotional whenever I am there for my appointments. In my wildest dreams I never imagined having not only the most beautiful smile in the world, but the function of being able to eat anything I want (and things I haven’t been able to eat due to my lack of teeth). From the minute I walked through your office door, it immediately felt like ‘family’. You all made me so comfortable right away. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for giving me a gorgeous smile and more!

Abby B.Abby B.

I’m 18 years old, and Dr. Latz has been my dentist for my entire life. As a little kid, I was never scared of a dental checkup, or even getting cavities filled because I always trusted Dr. Latz and his staff, so I never understood why other kids hated going to the dentist. I’ve picked up so many dental hygiene tips that I’ve passed on to my friends throughout the years because other dentists just don’t spend the time on their patients that Dr. Latz does. When I needed a bite splint, Dr. Latz spent hours and hours molding the splint, making sure it fit perfectly so that I would no longer have jaw pain. When Dr. Kellogg teamed with Dr. Latz, I was astounded with her understanding of and knowledge of my jaw pain that had been troubling me most of my life. Having tagged along with a few friends to other dentists for their checkups, I was so surprised at the difference. Other dentists and hygienists just don’t do as thorough of a cleaning and checkup as Dr. Latz and Kellogg and their hygienists do. In addition, the wait time was ridiculous at other offices. At Dr. Latz and Kelloggs’ office, I don’t think I’ve ever waited for more than 15 minutes, tops. Never, in my entire life, have I had a bad experience at this dental office.

Pat And FamilyPat And Family

I just wanted to say how much we appreciate you and your staff. You have been our dentist for over 30 years now and we are very thankful to have such a wonderful, professional, perfectionist Dentist. Your concern for each of us and kindness is greatly appreciated. We know that when there is a dental problem we wont have to worry, just see Dr. Latz. You have a wonderful staff. We are always greeted with a warm and friendly smile. Even though sometimes when a visit is not what we wanted, you have a way of making us comfortable and not so worried. Mom has been seeing you almost as long as we have and soon to be 88 years old. Her crowns are in excellent condition! We also love our dental Hygienist Tammy, she has such a warm and wonderful personality and you just know she loves her job. We highly recommend Dr. Latz and his staff for your dental needs.

Denise MDenise M

If you or anyone in your family know someone who has had any unpleasant experiences with your Dentist and or hygienist let me refer you to the Dental Offices of Dr. Sara Kellogg & Dr. David Latz they exceeded my expectations. Dr. Sara fixed my broken molar with a crown, painlessly and meticulously on Monday this week. She & her staff are upbeat and positive as is the whole office staff. Thank you so much!

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