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You will be treated by a talented, friendly team with over 150 years of combined experience! We value the relational element of dentistry — your story impacts ours. Our patients come to expect more… and we expect to deliver. You will always receive our best, and will be confident and comfortable while in our care.


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Our care for you is not based on procedures alone. We consider the overall plan for a lifetime of good oral health. It is our goal that you will be empowered to make appropriate plans and decisions regarding the process of your own care. As a team, we will support you throughout each and every step of the process.


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Thank you for your interest in our office. Our practice is dedicated to individualized, personalized, exceptional care, which means we are here for you whenever you might need us. Reference this website when it is convenient for you, it was designed with our patients in mind, and contains many helpful resources.


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Kind Words From Our Patients

  • I wish to express my extreme gratitude to Dr. Kellogg for my recent dental experience. Dr. Kellogg has not only reinvented my smile, she has enhanced my self-esteem and confidence to a level I thought to be unobtainable. Today at age 64 I have a beautiful smile I love to show off. Dr. Kellogg made this possible without dentures, a feat I would have thought impossible. Dr. Kellogg has literally changed my life. When she handed me the mirror so I could see my new smile for the first time my eyes filled with tears of happiness. I’m here to tell you, Dr. Kellogg makes dreams come true!   - Thomas

  • After a lifetime of pain and unpleasant dental experiences, I was blessed to have Dr. Kellogg come into my life. I had always assumed my smile was as good as it was ever going to get. Boy was I wrong! She took a series of mismatched crowns and unhealthy teeth and made them beautiful and healthy. I keep a picture of my old smile in my bite splint case to remind me how much better things are. Dr. Kellogg is kind and generous and makes you feel at ease. She truly cares about her patients and their needs. I sing her praises whenever I can and am so grateful she is my dentist.   - Diana

  • I am very thankful to Dr. Latz and his staff. My teeth and gums were in poor condition when I first made an appointment. Previous experiences with dentists caused so much anxiety that I put off regular dental visits unless necessary. A coworker recommended Dr. Latz. He was positive, encouraging and gentle. I no longer experience anxiety and have become pro-active in my oral health. Thank you Dr. Latz and your caring staff for giving me confidence to smile. I would recommend Dr. Latz to anyone looking for a dentist.   - Sue

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