Pankey Dentistry

Pankey Dentistry

Dr. Latz and Dr. Kellogg are both members of the Pankey Institute, the world’s oldest and most prestigious learning center for advanced dental training, located in Key Biscayne, FL. Dr. Latz has been a visiting faculty member at the institute for the last 23 years.

The Pankey Institute is a nonprofit educational center for dentists. It was founded by The L.D. Pankey Dental Foundation, Inc., in 1969. Dr. L.D. Pankey was a practicing dentist for forty years and was a founder of modern dentistry. The Mission of the Foundation is to improve the health and well-being of the world’s citizens by helping dentists achieve professional excellence and fulfillment. Through continuing education courses, the Institute assists dentists in developing their dental practices to reflect the following values:

  • Each patient is an individual with unique needs, conditions and desires. This unique person is a responsible partner in helping the dental team understand his or her unique oral health situation and achieving the best results.
  • Patients should be informed about the optimal oral health and esthetics available to them and about treatment options that will help them achieve long-lasting, predictable results.

Patients should be helped in making appropriate decisions for themselves, and offered exceptionally well-planned solutions that will allow them to have fine dentistry in phases over time. The Pankey Institute continuously enhances its educational curriculum so it’s attending dentists can incorporate advancing knowledge in their dental practices – knowledge that enables them to treat the most complex cases with confidence, as well as the simplest problems with the whole person in mind.

Pankey-trained dentists are taught how to create a practice that reflects the highest professionalism. As a Pankey-trained dentist, our doctors will discuss treatment options, answer questions fully, and counsel you on making appropriate choices. Optimal care means bringing you a level of health, comfort and appearance you may never have experienced before. It leads to a beautiful, healthy mouth with a well functioning bite… it leads to dentistry that lasts.